Welcome to the home of ALL THINGS KENTON. This is a new and growing collection of data, images and sounds that salutes the contributions of jazz great, Stan Kenton. Many of the images can be clicked to reveal further details. More images are made clickable every day.

If you have anything that you believe would contribute to this site, I will happily post it, giving you full credit for your gift. Images of magazine covers, sheet music or other Kenton "printed documentation" are especially welcome.

If you would like to contribute reviews of recordings, I can add them to the album pages, again giving you full credit.

If there are elements to this site that you feel are missing, please let me know. It is an ever growing work in progress.

Through a sharing and pooling of our data, this can become a great source for Kenton scholars and fans.

Stop by often to see what is new.

—Terry Vosbein

Stan Kenton
Take a look at the Bibliography. I've just added almost 1000 references, primarily from Down Beat and Metronome, with full texts for many articles.

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